Seven things about me....

"You've been tagged! Nocturnal RN said it's the law so you have to do it! Write seven things about yourself and then tag seven other people."

If it's the law...guess I'll comply. I apologize if I inadvertently "tag" people who've already been tagged. What happens in that case?? What does 'the law' say about that?


1. Although I enjoy doing the doctor thing, I enjoy doing the mom thing so much more!! Actually I do only enough 'doctor stuff' to allow me to do the 'mom stuff' with grace and class (i.e. money and resources).

2. I've never been to the snow.

3. I'm afraid of heights. My feet get all tingly, and I actually start to feel like I'm being pulled to the edge and over the side of the building. So, eventhough I think going on the Amazing Race with my hubby would be tons of fun...I know I'd never be able to finish the race (much less actually win).

4. I love to talk. This is why I started a blog...so I could 'express myself' without subjecting anyone involuntarily to (even more of) my yapping.

5. I'm proud that my son looks like me. When I look in the mirror now, I see him. And I love my own reflection that much more because of it.

6. It makes my heart sing when my daughter tells everyone she wants to be a doctor "just like her DoctorMommy." Makes me feel as though she values what I'm doing, that she respects me...and that I'm setting a great example for her. That makes me feel like a good mother.

7. When I have discussions with my husband, I realize how smart he is...and I fall in love all over again. But, I also realize how little I actually know about anything not related to medicine...and that conjures up feelings of frustration with the 'process of becoming a doctor', which I feel is responsible for my uni-dimensional self, and lack of full development. Sometimes I feel like medicine has 'clipped my wings' and now I must regrow them, and learn to fly properly (i.e. remedial spiritual flying 101).


2011Doc said...

Been enjoying your posts! I'm only a 1st year but have already noticed how I've already started on that "uni-dimensional" path.... interesting to hear that from a practicing physician.

Lizzie said...

I'm a nurse. When my boys were little they used to say that they were extra lucky to have a nurse for a Mom so I could take special care of them. I bet your kids feel the same security ... even more so!

Ten out of Ten said...

I get a little woozy with heights too. I went to the CN tower in Toronto once, it's crazy high and you can go up near the top and stand on a glass floor and look all the way down to the ground. I'll never forget that, my stomach felt like it was wrapped around my ankles.

I too often feel that my wings have been clipped, that if someone wants to talk to me about something other than medicine (or sports) then I really have nothing to say. Kind of sad.

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