Safe (non-toxic) Toys for Christmas

Update: Very helpful websites (right at the top of my list as I do my Christmas shopping and such): http://www.healthytoys.org/, and Not Made in China.

Now there's GHB in our toys...in addition to the other shit, here, here.
As per my 'research' here are a few companies that seem to have a diversity of toys (both age appropriateness, ethnic representation, and price ranges) without added poison...

Ecobusiness also had a link for toys
Organic Toybox (they sell lots of Melissa and Doug toys, that are made in China)*

(*be sure to check the individual toy on the website; some still have supposedly "safe" toys made in China - such as Melissa and Doug; and apparently playmobil sold it's soul by manufactoring some of it's "mini" line in China).

Individual toys:
• Battleship
• Bicycle Playing Cards
• Boggle Jr.
• Candyland
• Chutes and Ladders
• Clue
• Connect Four
• Crayola Crayons *
• Life
• Louisville Slugger
• Monopoly
• Mouse Trap
• Operation
• Parcheesi
• Play-Doh *
• Pop-O-Matic Trouble
• Radio Flyer Discovery Wagon
• Scrabble
• Sorry
• Stratego
• Tri-ominos
• Trivial Pursuit
• Yahtzee
• Melissa and Doug U.S.A.*
-many puzzles
* Some play-doh and crayolas aren't made in America. And Melissa and Doug = made in China too, sometimes. Be sure to check the box on these.

Cool site that my offer help - Multicultural Toybox
Not Made in China is a great site.

Tips for buying toys that don't kill your kids: The Green Guide.


teresa said...

Another site: www.toysmadeinamerica.com (over 100 clickable links for US-made toys and stuff for kids!)

Sparky said...

One more -- www.flattenme.com -- personalized storybooks with the name and face of your child in the book. Great stuff and printed in the US.

Celia said...

Oh, thanks so much. I have been looking on the shelves at the toy stores, and fricking everything is made in China.

I will certainly be purchasing things from this list for my children.

Thanks again.

sara said...

thank you. thank you. thank you. this is the most comprehensive guide i've found so far.

Abigail Bukai said...

What's up, well put together webpage you have at this time there.