Our Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!!

This year, for the very first time, I decided to prepare dinner. I mentally planned for weeks...the recipes, the drinks, and how we would accommodate so many more people at our home. I didn't want to spend tons of money, afterall this was something that was supposed to be casual and enjoyable.

And the menu wasn't as simple as one might think. You see, we've been successfully eating almost entirely organic foods (which all seem to be from America), and even managed to cut out most dairy and even lots of gluten/wheat protein (because the ubiquitousness of that crap *cannot be good for the body*). Likewise, it's ridiculous how much high fructose corn syrup is utilized, in almost everything - except in organic foods. So we've inadvertently cut that out too (and I've lost 8 pounds in 2 months as a result of just these simple dietary alterations). It was important to maintain our diet for a guilt-free Turkey day so we got a smoked (antibiotic-free, hormone-free) turkey and ham from Wholefoods. We prepared our pasta (mac n cheese) with quiona and soy cheese. We made gluten-free stuffing and cornbread. Even the salt and pepper were organic. We are very proud to report....we stuck to our diet!! And our guests were very pleasantly surprised when the food was even *more* tasty than their conventional counterparts!!

After dinner, and dessert, we decided to take a trip the park and let the kids play. Everyone ended up involved in a great game of freeze tag (all the adults, and even the toddlers). Once home we were forced to watch Hannah Montana (after finally turning off football)...and shared great conversation!!

We were sad to see everyone go home, but can't wait for Christmas eve when we see everyone again!!


Cynthia1770 said...

Glad you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. I am on a personal campaign to alert everyone I know about the treachery of HFCS. How invasive is it? Courtesy of the Corn Refiners Assoc., go to www.corn.org/NSFC2006.pdf. P29-30lists all the foods and products that contain HFCS. A few surprises:
bacon, whole wheat bread, cough syrups. There is hope. StopHFCS.com lists HFCS-free foods.They welcome additions and suggestions.

Abigail Bukai said...

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