CMS pulls King Drew (Harbor...whatever) federal funds!!

King Lose it's federal funding - the Headline

This is huge. Thought I'd never see the day CMS actually...pulled funding from a public hospital. After years of threats....and appeals.

Effective immediately, the ER no longer accepts paramedic traffic. August 15th, all inpatient services end.

I wonder what happens to the ED? I hear they can't 'just close it' without proper community notice...per the Beilenson Act - "which requires public hearings whenever hospitals close or reduce services."

Anyway....seems like it's actually happening

What will the community do? What will Los Angeles do?
The only silver lining...if LAC and King manages to see patients and carry-on despite not having CMS blessing (afterall, we all agree that CMS and Joint commissions don't actually improve patient care, they just sit around and think of ways to justify their existence. New rules, new hoops, some that are quite detrimental on multiple levels, but I digress)....
....a new precedent will be set, and perhaps this absurdity of jumping thru all the dumb-ass hoops as required by 'the regulators' (CMS, joint commissions, insurance companies) will be no longer. Maybe LAC or the State of California will come up with it's own 'regulatory system' that's better, and is more beneficial to both patients and physicians. Then they can tell CMS to kiss their ass...and run things w/o the threat of an unannounced survey; concentrating on "real issues" and solving problems (because there are plenty of problems....obviously).


A said...

Well let me tell you, it's sucked both for the community and for EMS in that area. department of health is no having patients sent to different hospitals on a rotation, often faaaar off, leaving them out of service for quite awhile. There's talks of other nearby hospitals closing, too....

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