Harry Potter everywhere - Wanna know what happened?*

Are you a Harry Potter fan, but like me, you just can't seem to find time to sit uninterrupted and read the last book? As a (temporary) anesthesia resident, I had lots of time to relax and read behind the blue curtain in the OR. I gobbled down 3 or 4 Harry Potter books with great enthusiasm during those 4 hour appys (performed by new surgical interns in the middle of the night, as they literally fell asleep mid-operation, dropping their tools, and falling face first onto the sterile field...but I digress). However, as an EM resident...needless to say, there was standing room only in the ED at the Kingdom. Sooo, I fell behind.

I'm a cliff note version type of person...
...if you wanna know what happened because you actually care about Harry, but aren't interested enough don't have enough time to read the book, keep reading. Actually, knowing the spoilers makes me want to go get the book...and read it!!

Harry Potter spoiler!!

Who lives?
Hagrid lives.
Professor McGonagall survives.
George Weasley lives - he's wounded, but lives.
Draco Malfoy lives.
Harry Potter lives.

So who dies?
Snape is killed by Voldemort, well actually by the big snake, and as he dies, he passed on his 'memories' as a silver liquid to Harry...which would allow him (Harry) to finally 'see' what happened with his mom many years prior.
Professor Charity Burbage dies - professor of muggle studies at Hogwarts.
Hedwig the owl, Harry's own, dies.
Fred, Rons's brother dies.
Scrimgeour, the Minister of Magic is killed.
Gregorovitch, the wandmaker, and Grindelwald, the dark wizard.
Dobby, Harry's protector creature dies.
Some students die.
Crabbe, Malfoy's sidekick, was killed by the Fiendfyre he created to kill Harry.
Dumbledore does something stupid with a ring, and begins a slow, sure death.
Oh, and Voldemort dies...actually he sorta inadvertantly commits suicide...dying nonetheless.

Of interest: Turns out his mom was a wizard, and her sister, Petunia was a muggle.
Petunia was very jealous of her sister. Wasn't Petunia the Aunt that Harry lived with? The family that locked him in his room in the early books? I guess that's the reason they hated him, because the Aunt was hateful, and jealous of his mother.

Snape and Lily were childhood companions.

What's with Snape?
When Voldemort goes after Lily's son, he begs him to spare Lily (because he loves her, and had for a long time. But since he was an 'Evil doer' they couldn't be together). When Voldemort shows no mercy, and kills Lily. Together with Dumbledore, he secretly protects Harry as a tribute (in a way) to Lily.

The Horcruxes are the objects which house the pieces of voldermort soul when he split it into pieces to increase the likelihood that he'd live forever, since all the souls would have to die in order for him to die.
The pieces of his soul (thus the horcruxes) were in:
Tom Riddle's Diary
Gaunt Ring
RAB locket
Hufflepuff's Cup
Rowena Ravenclaw's Lost Diadem
Nagini the big snake
The Sword of Gryffindor
And (get this) in Harry Potter.
When Voldemort went to kill Lily, she used some sort of spell that 'reflected' the Voldemort's curse, causing a piece of his soul (unbeknowst to him) to break off into Harry - this is why Harry can talk 'snake language' and seems to 'be connected' to voldemort in thought sometimes.

In the end, it seems like Dumbledore "just kept Harry alive so Voldemort can kill him at the right moment....raising him like a pig for slaughter."

In short, Dumbledore betrays Harry...and Snape. (This is revealed via Snapes aforementioned 'silver memory liquid.')

What are the Deathly Hallows? They are the objects of 3 brothers who cheated death. The third brother, Ignotus Peverell, was a common ancestor of both Harry Potter, and Voldemort. The items - the first was The Elder Wand, and the second was The Resurrection stone located inside the Snitch, and the third was the Invisibility Cloak that Dumbledore had the night Harry's parents died. "Three objects, or Hallows, which, if united, will make the possessor master of Death....Master....Conqueror...Vanquisher...". So it's good vs. bad. Hallows vs. Horcruxes.

Interestingly, Voldermort was raised in a Muggle orphanage.

And they live happily ever after...
On page 753 begins the epilogue, 19 years later. Harry and Ginny have a daughter named Lily, James and Albus. Ron marries Hermione and they have a daughter, Rose and Hugo. Draco Malfoy is married and has a son named Scorpius. They happen to meet up in the infamous train station as they send their respective, age-appropriate children to Hogwarts on the magical train.
And finally, his forehead scar pains him no longer.

**I apologize now if this information turns out to be complete bullshit completely inaccurate. This is what happens when you rely on random websites for information.


Anonymous said...

What about the so mentioned "secret" about Lily's past? And what really happened the night the potters died (I don't know if that's included in the book)?

Rebecca said...

I just finished a marathon reading of the book and everything you posted is correct.

To the previous poster: The events that occur the night Voldemort's parents die is addressed in nearly every book in the series. In short, Voldemort finds out that the person who will destroy him will be born at the end of July (or something like that) so Voldemort tries to kill Harry shortly after he was born; however, this plan backfires and Harry lives (his parents die). Harry becomes the only known person to survive the "Killing Curse" and this is why he is famous in the wizarding world.

elphias said...

The fact that Harry inadvertantly became a Horcrux as a result of the attack on the Potters is basically the only "suprise" (one guessed by a lot of readers) about the attack itself — otherwise, it seems everything happened that night as already known.

And sorry to be picky, but here's a few of what might be errors in your summary: Grindelwald did not actually die in book 7, but rather well before the events of the series — he'd last been mentioned way back in book 1, as easily-dismissable filler text on Dumbledore's Chocolate Frog Card; we learn a lot more about him and Dumbledore in this one. Also, the thing with the ring/Resurrection Stone would have happened sometime between books 5 and 6, or maybe at the same time as Book 6 Ch. 1 or 2, but only in 7 do we learn the details of the event, how it lead to the hand injury and how Snape stopped the curse short. Additionally, the fact that Petunia was a Muggle and Lily a Muggle-born witch has been known all along, but only in 7 do we learn that Petunia had once written to Dumbledore asking for Hogwarts acceptance, naturally without any success.

You listed all the Horcruxes correctly, except that Gryffindor's sword was never one (it was just infused with Basilisk poison, allowing it to destroy Horcruxes; that might have confused you). Neville's use of it is tres awesome, though…

I'm pretty sure Lily didn't actually use any sort of specific spell (though I personally wish Rowling had written it as such, hmph); all she did was stand in front of Harry's crib, facing Voldemort, thus sacrificing herself. This alone was enough to infuse Harry's blood with the protection and allow him to be safe as long as he lived with a blood relative (until he turned 17, that is). IMHO, in doing this, Rowling kind of short-changes the scores of people throughout history who have died for loved ones, because it's not doing so gives the people they're protecting some kind of invincibility once their protectors are gone. Oh well…

Re: above: the secrets about Lily's past are basically that she was kinda-sorta friends with Snape, and that the two of them were somewhat rude to her sister, going so far as to spy on her mail. Rowling had said that Harry's green eyes would be important, and as many readers had guessed, this was because they would always remind Snape that in delivering the prophecy, he had betrayed Lily, his heart's only desire.

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I just finished a marathon reading of the book and everything you posted is correct. yes commment..

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