I'm in charge of the pencils, December 27, 2004

Does your job have a pencil monitor?

You know the person...the most insignificant non-contributor...unionized...low/no skilled laborer in the entire building, who's given a title? And you best believe that they take that little title and run.

For instance, the PA who thinks they can read a head CT better than a board certifed, (5-year residency trained) radiologist. "The radiologist reading says there are hypodensities in the occipital region consistent with mass vs. infection, but I don't agree, it looks normal to me." What? As if it matters what it looks like to you.

Or the tech who (very reluctantly) comes over to the ER to shoot an xray on a kid who was hit by a car. "I don't think you need to be doing all these xrays."

See, that's the problem, "you're thinking," we don't pay you to think, (or wonder). They didn't hire you because you have such great ideas, or extensive problem solving skills. You get the order, you bring your machine, you position the patient, and you shoot the xray...that's it.

Ms. Clerk, you mind handing me a pencil?

"A pencil? Well you have to get clearance from administration in order to get a pencil."

What? Why?

"Because I need to see the blue permission form, or I ain't givin you no pencil."

That's not a policy, you can't do that...just make up rules like that.

"Yes I can, I'm in charge of the pencils."

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