The History. November 21, 2004

50 year old lady walks in to our ER.

I'm having a little bit of spotting from my rectum.

Any belly pain, diarrhea, vomiting?


Any past medical history?

I'm not sure.

When did this start?

I think yesterday.

Do you drink alcohol?


Have you ever?

Well, a long time ago.

When's the last time you had an alcoholic beverage?

What do you mean?

When's the last time you drank any liquor?

Hmmmm....well....sheesh...I haven't had a drink since...last night?

I thought you said you don't drink.

Not today.

What do you drink...when you drink?


How many 12 packs do you go thru in a day?

Shit doc, I don't drink that much! I might get thru one 12 pack at the most.

One the weekends too?

Well...I might go thru 2 or 3 12 packs on Friday.

Do you smoke?


Do you do any drugs?

Heeeellllll naw!!! I don't mess with no drugs.

Do you smoke weed?

Oh yeah.

Do you do crack?

No. Not ever?


Never ever? Never even tried the stuff?

Well, I've tried it before.

When was the last time you *tried* a little?

I got a little bit from my daughter this morning.

What about IV drugs?

Oh no.


I'm not no drug addict doctor.

Have you ever had surgery?


What's this (big ass) scar on your belly?

Oh, that...I think that's when I had my baby?

Umm...no, try again?

Maybe it was my appendix...aw, I don't know, they took out something.

Okay, have you ever had this bleeding before?


Anything else wrong?

Yeah, I have this headache sometimes...and my vision gets blurry in my right eye. Oh, and my knee sometimes makes this clicking sound...what do you think that is?

I don't know, but today we'll just address your rectal bleeding.


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