Doctor, can I have a bedpan? November 25, 2004

In life limits have to be set. Doctoring is no exception.

One person cannot do all...and believe you me, I cannot (nor will I try to) be a nurse, a social worker, an orderly, and a doctor...all at the same time. If I attempt this impossible mission, I will fail every task. So, I've long decided that I'm going to be the best *doctor* I can be...for the patients that *I'm* responsible for. There are millions of patients in the United States alone, and I can only truly handle those relatively few I actually establish some sort of relationship with. Afterall, it wouldn't be fair to *my* patients if I try to be "super doctor" and pick up the slack of other physicians, nurses, etc. I, honestly, wouldn't want *my* doctor trying to do too much either...because then I wouldn't get good care.

The unfortunate thing is, when you work at a place where the nurses aren't required (or allowed) to perform nursing duties, people suffer.

"Sure, I'll get you a bedpan." But if you need help *using* the bedpan...I'll have to go get your nurse

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