Emergency medicine is so cool

Working in the ER last night. The usual stuff comes in, seizures, chest pain, belly pain, alcoholics that the police find around town...the usual.

Then, we hear...

"we need a gurney out here, there's a guy out here who was just dropped off with gunshot wounds to the chest"

Out in front of the ER door, there is a guy lying on the ground, who was just pushed out of a van. The van had multiple gunshots thru the windows. The van has left. They want us (me) to go out there and get this dude.

Since, honestly, I don't do that sort of thing...run out in the middle of the hood, gathering up gunshot victims, I wait just inside the door until he can be brought to me.

We get him into the ER. We call a code. *Code yellow to the emergency department. Code yellow to the emergency department.* Next time it would be helpful if the homeboy ambulance dropped their boy off at the trauma center across the parking lot.

We intubate him, insert a chest tube, and prepare him for the OR. As we're doing this, we lose his vitals. So guess what we get to do? We get to crack his chest!!

10 blade!! Thoracotomy tray!! We get to cut him open, and watch his entire blood volume squirt from his aorta onto the gurney.

Emergency medicine is so cool!!