Night Shift.

Just completed a stint of night shifts. Man!! I didn't think I'd make it...

As an intern I actually enjoyed the night shift. It was more peaceful, less busy. The adminstrators weren't around interrupting your patient care activities. And the "extra" people hanging out were all at home. Studies were completed faster...and xrays were more accessible. Even the staff seemed closer, more family-like.

But now...I hate nights. I'm tired during my shift, and during my "off" time. I never get good sleep...and therefore have a headache. And, I miss the activites of daily living. I miss my family...I miss the sunshine. I feel like I miss days of my life.

What a difference a day (and a good *night's* sleep) makes. Today I feel great. No nausea, no vomiting, able to tolerate POs. I have a healthy mental disposition. And I have no HA or cramps.

I have 3 night shifts this upcoming month, one shift from 6p-2a, and finish the residency with 7 *final* night shifts in June. I think I'll be able to pull myself thru the final stint knowing it's my last week at the Kingdom as a resident.