A real life journal

There's a guy at work who, I think, is the only person who truly hates me. If there are others, I am unaware...blissfully. And you know, this guy actually has no reason to dislike me so much. Let me tell you what happened (and why I'm spending this mental energy on him).

I am finally a senior resident in emergency medicine. Emergency medicine still attracts young men with that "cowboy" mentality. And since most guys who grow up to become doctors weren't the coolest, most popular guys in high school...they tend to have "overcompensation" issues once they achieve MD status. And dealing with a man and his "overcompensation issues"...is (to say the least) frustrating.

At work we have this shady system of filling out our timecards. For starters we can't actually document the hours we work because the County only recognizes hours between 8 and 5, monday-friday. So, if you fail to place at least 40 of your hours per week during these times...you don't get your entire pay. And since the hospital is (obviously) open 24/7, and most of the time we're in the hospital in a given month may not fall within the "alloted" time frame...you have to lie and say you were there when you weren't. So you can see how this starts to become tricky once you start moonlighting, because that (separate) timecard must be accurate. So if you work Saturday and Sunday, and are off Monday and Tuesday...but decide to moonlight tuesday...on your (regular) timecard you're putting 8-5 M-F so you can get your salary. On your moonlighting timecard you must put tuesday (since that was the day you actually did the moonlighting). So now, when you consider the hours on both time cards, it looks like you're working once (tuesday) but getting paid twice (regular pay, plus the moonlighting). Suppose you decide to moonlight outside the program? Now it looks like you're 2 places at once. Crazy, huh? And with the newspaper following the docs around, taking pictures of them at their 'outside' workplaces, then writing a stories "exposing shady docs" by giving the appearance that the docs are lying, undercover criminals who are gypping the County as they are billing for hours they aren't actually there - puts people (me) on edge.

Another thing. The Hospital decides to only give out a limited number of overtime timecards. So, maybe 10 residents will get a timecard...but we have 20 residents who work overtime. How? you may wonder? Well, those without timecards work on the cards that are held by others. And, the thing is, you need 20 residents to cover all the moonlighting shifts that need to be covered. So, last year I had a timecard. This guy wanted to "work on" my timecard. I had reservations, but there's tremendous pressure and expectation from the residents (i.e. my colleagues) to "cooperate." He's one of these guys who works crazy long overtime (to save for that porche, to impress the girlies, to be a man). So he's want me to put 8 shifts a month on my card. We'll you can see how complicated that becomes...trying to find a way to record all of these hours with the above listed stipulations, without overlapping the required 8-5, M-F. Because if you overlap, and they catch it, they won't pay you the overtime.

Anyway, making a very long story much shorter...the situation became complicated and combative.

...and since then, he hasn't said two words to me. Outside of work, he barely looks at me.

The point of bringing him up? Yesterday I was browsing the internet, and on the computer I was using there was a journal he'd started just a week prior. Public, online, and kinda cool. I'm not so bold to publicize *all* of my thoughts, but I thought "what a great idea."

Hence the birth of this journal.